Victoria Falls

Martin Lander 2 214
The Victoria Falls is different from the other waterfalls on the island.
It is made by the White River, which begins in the Valley of Desolation
the color of the water is grayish.
We access this waterfall form the village of Delices in the south east of the island.
The drive to get there is in itself an adventure with a kaleidoscope of mountains
valleys, villages, coastlines and panoramic vistas.

The hike up the White River Gorge is rugged
It involves walking on huge boulders and crossing the river several times.
You will not be disappointed when you get there; this one is truly a winner.
The White River comes tumbling down an approximately 200 feet drop into a basin.

Martin Lander 2 211

With caution you can swim in the pool, the water is said to be good for the skin.
You must follow your guide’s instructions to the letter, whatever he/she says
Do it without hesitation.
Your safety is our main concern, some rocks are slippery
Also the area is prone to flash floods.

Time 4 – 5 Hours

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