Indian River & Cabrits National Park

The Indian River and Cabrits National Park Tour attempts to encapsulate

under one umbrella Village life, history and wildlife.

The route is along the island’s west coast, passing through several coastal villages

on the way to Portsmouth in the north of Dominica to visit the Cabrits National Park.


The Cabrits National Park is an eighteenth century garrison built

to protect the island from enemy invasion and attacks, both the British

and the French during their various stages of occupation made their

contributions to the development and enhancement of this garrison.

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Located on a headland between Douglas Bay to the north and Prince Rupert Bay

to the south

The Cabrits Garrison stood watch over these bays, until it was abandoned

as a military fort in the 1850s.The forest took over and this great garrison succumbed

to the ravages of the years.Partial restorations began in the 1980s and The Cabrits

became a national park.Recent restorations under the supervision of local historian

Dr. Lennox Honychurch, has given a new look to the Cabrits National park.

Several new trails have also been opened for more exploration of the park.


After the Cabrits we proceed to the Indian River

The Indian River which flows into Prince Rupert’s Bay is the widest

river on the island.

We take a guided row boat trip up Indian River which is so called because

before the coming of

European Colonizers to Dominica, the Carib Indian people lived along the banks

of this river and used it as an access route to the Caribbean Sea.


This is a very tranquil and relaxing trip as the row slowly glides up the river.

Your river guide will talk about the river, the intricately buttressed Mang trees

which dominate the river banks, and the birds which you will hear calling.

You may see an iguana scampering up or down a tree, sometimes even

an endangered parrot

may be seen flying overhead.You will have the option of sitting by the river bank

and enjoy a local lunch (highly recommended)After the Indian River return to base.

Time 4-5 hours

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