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Drive along the West Coast to Portsmouth the island’s second largest town.

In Portsmouth take a rowboat trip up the famous Indian River, which is so called because the Carib Indians at one time lived on the higher ground up the river and used it as a route to the sea.

The verdant vegetation along the banks of the river is dominated by intricately buttressed Mang trees {Pterocarpus Officinalis}.

You are likely to see herons, kingfishers and sometimes iguanas. The rowboats go to an area where the river narrows and visitors get out and take a walk or go to the bush bar for a drink.

The river trip takes one to one and a half hours.

Cabrits National Park

Next visit the Cabrits National Park which is an 18th Century Garrison still waging war against the army of time. The garrison was abandoned as military post in 1854 and was taken over by forest. In 1982 some partial restorations were carried out on Fort Shirley the main fort of the garrison.
Recent restorations has given the Cabrits National Park a new look, also new hiking trails have been opened up.

After the Cabrits return to the vehicle and drive to the Syndicate rainforest located at the foothills of Morne Diablotin the highest mountain on the island. This is an area where it is most likely to see the island’s two endangered parrots the Sisserou and the Jacquot.

The Syndicate rainforest has well maintained trails which pass through some of Dominica’s best easily accessible oceanic rainforest.

The forest is abundant with trees like the giant Gommier (Dacryodes Excelsa) the incredibly buttressed chataignier (Sloanea Carabea) numerous epiphytes and stranglers
We walk through the forest and talk about trees and go to the look out points to try and view the parrots.

This is an adventure and educational tour which gives information about agriculture, vegetation, rainforest and wildlife

Time 6-7 hours

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