Exploring with Sonia Lander

Lake Afari

KHATTS Adventure Vacations Online Store Lake-Afari Drive through the capital city Roseau to the Botanical Gardens; up the lush and verdant Roseau Valley, with stops at scenic locations to providence, where the one and a half hours hike to the… Read More ›

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is different from the other waterfalls on the island. It is made by the White River, which begins in the Valley of Desolation the color of the water is grayish. We access this waterfall form the village… Read More ›

Boiling Lake Hike

  The Boiling Lake hike is one the most popular activities in Dominica. It is a 7 – 8 hour arduous round-trip adventure, which begins in the village of Laudat, passing through a wide range of vegetation and terrain, including… Read More ›

Sari Sari Falls

The Sari Sari Falls is one of Dominica’s most magnificent waterfalls. Located near the south east village of Laplaine. The drive takes you on a lush and windy country road With picturesque vistas of mountains, rainforest, rivers and scenes from… Read More ›

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