If you think Dominica’s topside is diverse! Wait until you
discover the world beneath the waves. Every adventure above
ground is cloned undersea. Divers from all corners of the globe
are finding out that diving in Dominica is an exceptional
experience – where every plunge Is “living” proof of the majesty
and spectacle of the underwater world.

Dominica is blessed with dramatic walls that plummet to
depths of 1,000 feet, seemingly only a fin’s toss from the dock.
Then there are the calm, crystal-clear waters.
And exotic marine life. Couple all that with qualified operators who offer
“quality” experiences (no “cattle” diving on crammed boats)
and it’s little wonder why experts rate Dominica’s seascape
experiences near the top of the charts.

Skin Diver Magazine, once considered the world’s premier dive
publication, called Dominica “…the undisputed diving capital
of the Eastern Caribbean as well as one of the most unusual and
popular dive locations in the world!”

Why is the Dominica under-sea world so unusually eye-
catching? Precipitous mountains, craggy canyons, colorful
scenery and even seething pools, which embellish the island’s
interior, also parallel the vibrant world below.

Steep drop-off’s, pinnacles, walls and dramatic topography are
all close to shore. Other Caribbean dive destinations, which
feature mainly sloping reefs, have a hard time comparing with
Dominica’s dramatic sheer reefs.