Photo Safari


The Northern Photo Safari departs from Roseau along the west coast road With photo ops Up to Portsmouth.
From Portsmouth continue north to join the Northern link road which leads to Delaford, Penville, Vielle Case and Thibaud where you will see some of t some of the most rugged, picturesque and dramatic scenery on the island..

Along the road we will stop for a 15 minute walk to the “Cold Soufrière” which appear to be
boiling hot but you can stick your hand or foot in them because they are actually cold.Please do not follow this example else where, there are some similar places where the water is very hot and will burn you very badly.
From the Cold Soufriere onward on this incredible picture perfect drive, If one stretches the imagination one could almost imagine the hand of God in one momentous and tempestuous stroke of infinite genius fashioning such an ineffable marvel to brighten our spirits and lighten our hearts.

Along the way we talk about the various crops growing in the area, yams, bananas, plantains, dasheen and other root crops are plentiful.
The islands of The Saints, Guadeloupe and Marigalante can be clearly seen (depending on weather conditions) as we travel along.
Photo stops which are a must will be numerous.
We will do a drive through tour of the Village of Vielle Case which also carries the name of Itassi as it was named by the Kalinago People.
Vielle Case is the home of our current Prime Minister, and Political Leader of the Dominica Labour Party, the Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit.

Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit Prime Minister Of Dominica.
To elaborate more on the village of Vielle case, I will use the words of our local historian Dr. Lennox Honychurch. “A village on the north coast situated on sloping land directly above ravines and sea cliffs created by volcanic outflows from the volcano of Morne Aux Diables.
Due to its inaccessibility this area was still occupied by Caribs for over two hundred years after being sighted by Christopher Columbus. There are archaeological sites at Au Tou and Au Parc.

The Bay of Au Tou, whrere scenes form Pirates Of The Caribbean were filmed
The Carib name for the area is Itassi. The first recorded contact with the French was made between the Carib Chief Kalamiena of Itassi and Father Raymond Breton, a French Roman Catholic missionary of the Dominican Order then based in Guadeloupe.
Breton lived among the Caribs of Itassi off and on from 1642 to 1648. Here in the chief’s longhouse or karbay, he celebrated the first recorded Christian Mass with the inhabitants of Dominica in 1646.
Through Chief Kalamiena and subsequent chiefs such as Le Baron, close French links were developed between the people of Itassi and the French in Basseterre Guadeloupe.
Two Carib men of Itassi were taken to France to train as priests; one died in France and the other returned but reverted to his former traditions.
The contact with Guadeloupe encouraged settlers from poor white (petite blanc) families, who were being sidelined by the expansion of sugar industry in Guadeloupe, to come and settle among the Caribs. Most of the Caribs intermixed with these French smallholders and therefore many Vieille Case families have French and African as well as Carib ancestry”.

Continuing on through the village of Tibaud with more incredible coastline views, we make our way to the main road leading back to Portsmouth.
we will take the road to Portsmouth, where more stunning and amazing views await.
All things which begin must end, from Portsmouth, we travel down the west coast road and back to base.

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