Bird Watching

Birds on wings is what we call our bird watching tour to the Syndicate rainforest and plantation area. With your guide depart Roseau and drive along the island’s west coast passing through several maritime villages, doing some birding along the way if the opportunity presents itself.
Finally turning inland to Syndicate, passing through agricultural crops which you will find quite interesting. When you arrive at the Syndicate Nature Trail, you will be briefed by your guide about the birding procedures before you enter some of Dominica’s finest Oceanic Rainforest.

The trail is well maintained and you will see some amazing specimens of hardwood trees


There will be epiphytes and stranglers competing for their place in the sun using the same stepping stone, a host tree.

The rainforest is a fascinating place for those who love to see a perfect eco system which creates symbiotic relationships within its own domain to enhance its own survival


You will marvel at the giant Gommier and Chattagnier trees as you make your way through this magnificent eco system. Some birds likely to be seen are:
The Sisserou parrot, the Jacko parrot both are endemic and endangered species. The stolid flycatcher, the Rufus Throated Solitaire, the Pearly Eyed Thrasher, the Scaly Breasted Thrasher, the Brown Trembler, the Lesser Antillean Pewee, the Mangrove Cuckoo,the Blue Headed Hummingbird


the Ruddy Quail Dove, the Zenida Dove, the Red necked Pigeon, the Plumbeous Warbler, the House Wren, the Lesser Antillean Swift.

Time 4 – 5 hours

What to take with You:
Binocular or scope, raincoat or poncho, sandwiches, water, camera with a long lens, lots of fast film, if you use film. Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear, shorts and T Shirt will be fine. Email us

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