Batibou Beach

Easily Dominica’s best beach, this gorgeously wild coconut palm-fringed beach has good swimming and snorkeling, and there’s a beach bar serving drinks and meals. The entrance is a 0.6-mile dirt road that’s only accessible by 4WD or on foot. The surrounding land is privately owned, there is US 5.00 entry fee.
KHATTS offers day trips to Batibou including lunch and refreshments.
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For the nature enthusiast who is searching for adventure, privacy or maybe solitude and peace of mind, the Batibou Beach is the ideal get away for you.

Situated on the northeastern coastline of the Nature Island of Dominica, Batibou is not highlighted as one of the commonly visited beaches on the island, because of its remoteness in the more isolated areas of the island that border the colorful fishing community of Calibishie.

Private and intimate, however, do not translate into insecure and unsafe, as Dominicans are very peaceful, hospital and friendly people. The crime rate is rather low, particularly given the high incidence of criminal activities in other popular tourist destinations within the region and several other countries in the world; furthermore, the incidence of attacks on visitors is practically none existent.

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Batibou Beach is fringed with several types of palm trees and tropical fauna that lead into one of the beautiful tropical rain forests on the island. It is thus, not your typical 5 five star resort, beach chair and umbrella laden spot, but rather, entices you to be imaginative and innovative in creating your own new and unique experiences.

However, comfortable accommodation is available from a number of cliff side cottages, waterfront properties, villas and guesthouses located on different parts of the coast. Four wheel drive vehicles are highly recommended since the adventure presented here comes along with beaten and rocky paths besides the presence of well maintained roads. Several car rental agencies are available, and can be accessed directly at the airport when entering the island.

For once, “vacation” and “having fun” can be viewed from a different perspective, whether they are being shared with family, friends or a loved one. Only here will you realize that the concept of fun, romance and adventure can be fairly relative; it could either be planned, ready-made, unplanned or totally spontaneous. As a premier eco tourist destination, Batibou presents a myriad of possibilities, as finally, your fantasies of setting up tent on a tropical island on a warm summer evening to capture each of nature’s special moments can be fulfilled listening to the soft battering of waves on the sea’s shore and brisk splashes of tropical fish as they play, while you relish the spectacular view of a pink or golden sunset, a crescent or full moon lit night, the twinkle of stars or a starless night.

Savoring your first Batibou Beach or river side open fire cooked meal will be an unforgettable experience. And of course, whether ensuring that all necessary food and clothing items are carried along, choosing to take daily drives to the supermarkets or grocery shops in the nearby communities, or simply living off freshly caught fish, coconut water and milk or fresh fruit, it is all yours to discover and enjoy.

Your days, however, will not be limited to yellow sands and several miles of shallow water, as your wonderful experience can be extended to the surrounding exotic rain forest that is home to various species of birds, lizards, wild flowers, orchids, hardwood trees, fresh-water rivers, secluded bathing pools and cascading waterfalls. A day or days at Batibou will be a vacation to remember!

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