Waterfall Melange


Action packed from start to finish

This activity takes you to four of the island’s most beautiful waterfalls.
Twin Trafalgar Falls – Sari Sari Falls and Victoria falls.
From our base we travel up the picture perfect green clad Roseau Valley
To the village of Trafalgar, then hike up to see
Two of the island’s most visited waterfalls.
If you are adventurous and inclined to swim in mountain rivers
We will hike over gigantic boulders to the smaller of the two falls
Where we will introduce you to nature’s greatest life sustaining force
In the form of gorgeous river pool which creates its own rainbows.

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Then there are the hot springs
The awesome hot springs of over104 degrees F’.
Time to lay back, relax and enjoy the warmth and natural
therapeutic properties of these rejuvenating
Springs that nature provided for just such an occasion.

Trafalgar Hot Springs Pictures, Images and Photos

Well if you don’t bathe you will be the one depriving yourself of all the fun.
OK time to back for the vehicle and be on our way to the Sari Sari Falls.
Through the city of Roseau we go and along the west coast then
head into the interior for the village of Lablaine in the south
east of the island.
Driving along the road is in itself a fascinating experience
panoramic vistas, mountains, valleys, rivers and plantations will be the norm.
When we arrive in Laplaine, the drama continues
we begin with a hike through a banana plantation
then descend into a gorge, through which the Sari Sari River runs.
We will now hike and scrabble up this gorge
Under the canopy of lush rain forest
Until the Sari Sari Falls dramatically appears before us.
The pool at the base of this waterfall is mind blowing
But you won’t know that unless you get in
when you do you will feel the force of nature and you will love it.

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Time to move on, we head back to the vehicle
And begin the drive to the village of Delices
For our final waterfall, The Victoria Falls.
The hike will be somewhat similar to Sari Sari
But you will notice that the colour of the river is different.
This is La Riviere Blanche “the White River”
Which originates in the Valley of Desolation
It is fed by the Boiling Lake and many volcanic streams.
Getting close the Victoria Falls will be more of challenge
Than Sari Sari, but hey so what, this is your day for adventure.
Unlike the Sari Sari pool this one is not crystal clear
it is bluish white, sorry that was a color I invented.

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A last swim in one or many for great pools
(I usually call them (swimming holes)
To refresh ourselves for the hike and drive back.
I am sure that if you have read this far your question
will be “what about lunch”, yes that is a limitation
We have, we must eat.
Pack a few sandwiches and some juice or water
saves time we do not want to spend in a restaurant
When there is so much to do.
Beside there are not too many restaurants on our route.

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Time 6-7 Hours minimum 4 persons