Waterfall And Rainforest


Waterfall Rainforest Experience

Tribute To The Rainforest

This Amazing activity encompasses two of the most exotic places in Dominica, The Ti Tou Gorge and the Syndicate Rainforest. The Ti Tou Gorge One of the most spectacular and remarkable places on the island. A place which words do no justice in describing its uniqueness and its unusual features. The Ti Tou Gorge is somewhat like a small canyon with a waterfall inside.

It was formed by pyroclastic flows from a volcano many thousands of years ago and is fed by a lake located at 3000 feet up in the mountains. We require that you wear life belts to swim up the gorge!! yes you will swim because that is the only way you to truly experience this awesome marvel of nature. The belts allow you to relax and enjoy the intricate and dramatic rock formations, which if one is inclined to stretch the imagination into the realm of poetic language, could be described as being carved by the hand of life in one tempestuous momentous stroke of infinite genius. Inside the Ti Tou Gorge you will experience a world of its own making. After leaving the gorge, walk back to the vehicle and proceed up the west coast of Dominica to the Syndicate Rainforest now part of the Morne Diablotin National Park, established for the protection and preservation of our two endemic and endangered parrots.

The trail through the forest is well maintained and takes you into some of the Island’s best easily accessible Oceanic Rainforest, with amazing specimens of hardwood trees such as the giant Gommier (Dacryodes Excelsa) the phenomenonally buttressed Chattagnier (Slonea Caribeae) and this intricately ribbed Bois Cot (Tapura Latifolia)Then there is the deceptive Marcgravia Umbilata which appears to be the leaves of a giant tree trunk. There will be epiphytes and stranglers competing for their place in the sun using the same stepping stone, a host tree. The rainforest is a fascinating place for those who love to see a perfect eco system which creates symbiotic relationships within its own domain to enhance its own survival. Nothing is wasted in the rainforest everything is re-cycled.It is very likely that we will see one or both of our endemic parrots. After the Syndicate Rainforest, return to base.

Time 6-7 hours

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