Waterfall Combo

Waterfall Combo – Ti Tou Gorge and Trafalgar Falls

Drive through the capital city Roseau passing through the Botanical Gardens.
Then continue up the lush and verdant Roseau Valley.
There will be photo stops at scenic locations until we reach the village of Laudat
From Laudat we take a 15 minute walk to the Ti Tou Gorge which is one of the most unique
And “must see” marvels of the island.


The name Ti Tou Gorge is Creole and means ‘Little Throat Hole
literally we will swim up the ‘throat’ of a mountain
To a waterfall located inside the gorge.
This gorge was formed many thousands of years ago and is fed by water coming from the Freshwater Lake.
The formation of the rock walls on either side, through which we swim are intricate
And breathtaking, this place is truly one of the wonders of Dominica.
Please note that the swim inside the gorge to the waterfall is about 60 yards but there is ledge where you can stop and rest if you get tired.
Before you start the swim your tour guide will give you a flotation devise, (wearing the device is mandatory) after you put it on please test it in the pool at the entrance and let him know if you feel comfortable with it. We recommended that you do not struggle while swimming, proceed with easy relaxed and leisurely breast strokes to conserve your energy.

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv
Photo by Lambert Charles

If at anytime you feel afraid or discomforted please immediately bring this to the attention of your tour guide, he will know what to do.
On days when it is raining in the mountains there may be a mild current and the swim could be more challenging, your tour guide will advise you if it is safe to enter the gorge, even if you are a strong swimmer please respect his decision. After the gorge we walk back to the vehicle and proceed to the spectacular twin Trafalgar Falls.


Drive through the friendly and picturesque village of Trafalgar
To the trail leading to two of the island’s most beautiful waterfalls
Cradled under the shadows of the ubiquitous and awesome mountainous landscape.
It is a 15 minute walk from where the vehicle stops, to the viewing area of the falls.

Trafalgar Falls

Those who are able to, under the supervision of the guide can scramble over the boulders
To the base of one of the falls where there is a great pool for another rejuvenating swim.
Please cooperate with your tour guide if he decides against climbing over the boulders on a given day, his judgment call will be based on years of experience and his decisions are always in the best interest of your safety.
Be sure to have your camera ready
The majesty of this place will have you clicking away at its surroundings.
After the falls walk back to the vehicle and return to base.

Time 3-4 hours

Note. Recommended footwear-Sneakers.
Bathing suits should be worn
Shorts and T-Shirts are appropriate.

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