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Until Further Notice, we have suspended all activities for the Waitukubuli National Trail

Category: moderate
Distance: 4.25 miles/8.84 kilometers

Segment one of the Waitukubuli National Trail begins at Scotts head which is to the southernmost end of Dominica, you first pass on a narrow isthmus which separates our calm Caribbean Sea from the rough Atlantic Ocean.
From the beachfront the trail ascends into the village of Scotts head which takes you to an area beyond the village known as Castle Estate, from Castle Estate you pass through the dry bed of the Ravine Crabier which twists and turns up Morne Crabier and leads to a flat sprawling relaxing area of grassland where you can have your first rest stop.

The steep descent from Morne Crabier enters into a dry forested area which leads into another area of grassland which waivers along a stony path until it reaches a road; this road leads to the settlement of Galion and the main coast road.
After quarter of a mile you pass through an area of remarkable farmland which leads to the Bois Cotlette Estate where you could view some of Dominica’s wonderful historic elements of plantation life.
From there the trail continues about three quarters of a mile and ends at the Soufriere Estate.

Segment 2

Soufriere Estate to Bellevue Chopin
Category: Moderate

provides the first real glimpse of Dominica’s rain forest.
You will pass by a number hot springs ready to soothe the aching muscles of any hiker.

The trail winds its way through dense rainforest and villages.
The smell of sulphur will be ever present as you ascend to the village of Tete Morne , along the way there are two ajoupas which is a primitive name for a thatched roof house on stilts.

A right detour at the top of the village takes you through farmlands to what is known as the “Palmist Look Out”, from this vantage point there is a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

After passing through the village you are led to the first bridge crossing which may be a dry river bed at the time but depending on the rainfall it may become a roaring torrent.
The trail then descends through dry secondary forests, leading to a relatively new residential area and extensive vegetable farming.
There are two trail which can be taken, one leads to the village Pichelin, the other to Bellevue Chopin where segment 2 ends.

Areas of interest:

• Old Slave Route
• Sulphur Springs
• Traditional living
• Charcoal production
• Historic buildings
• Palmiste Ridge (optional)
• Livestock & small agricultural
• Farming
• (Palmiste to Bois Cotlette Route)

Distance (km): 11.7
Estimated Walking Time (hrs): 6
Type of hike: Moderate

Segment 3

The trail of this segment passes through 4 villages, agricultural lands and rainforests.
Hiking will be on a series of old trails once used to link these villages together.
Bellevue Chopin, the first village has dramatic views of the south west Caribbean coast and the grandiose mountains of the Morne Trois National Park to the east.

The first 20 minutes of the trail is along a country road which ends up into a rainforest trail, leading to the village of Giraudel.
The second Village, Giraudel is dubbed “The Flower Basket” of Dominica.
Leaving Giraudel the trail passes through a stretch of open ground with amazing views of the Morn Trios Piton National Park, then enters into lush rainforest and descends steeply into a river valley.

Follow the instructions of your guide and do not attempt to wander from the trail.
From the river valley, the trail then ascends steeply up to the agricultural village of Morne Prosper.
From Morne Prosper the trail runs through farmlands then reverting back to the forest and descends into the village of Wotten Waven, this is a village known for its many natural hot sulphur spas.

The hike ends in this village where you will be met by your driver and taken back to your base.

Time 6-7 Hours

Segment 4

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Waitukubuli National Trail Entrance Fees
Per Segment Fee US 12.00
Fifteen Day Pass US 40.00
These fees are not included in the listed tour prices.

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