The Rainforest

The Rainforest

Martin Lander 2 223

In the rainforest the power of nature waxes great and
creatures reign superior to man.

Resins ooze from the bark of trees, butterflies frolic with
epiphytes while crystal clear streams meander beneath the

The night devours the day; nocturnal creatures begin their
symphony accompanied by the howling of the wind.

The moon searching for a place to shed its light; emanates
golden beams, which caress the leaves and the forest floor.
The flapping of wings, the hissing of things unseen, the
chirping of insects, the murmur of streams, the patter of
raindrops, the squeaking of branches, the singing of birds,
the rustling of leaves all blend together in perfect harmony.

How great is the rainforest, the majestic rainforest, with trees
standing so tall like giant green gods in the plant kingdom.
Every plant, every leaf, every root, every moss, every
meandering stream tells a story of birth and death and what
lies between them twain.

Ken George Dill

Ken’s Hinterland Adventure Tours



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