Tri Atha Falls


Tri-Atha-Falls, is a combination of three of the “must see” sites in Dominica.
We begin by driving up the lush and rugged Roseau Valley, full of panoramic vistas
assiduously watched over by giant green clad mountains.
In about 25 to 30 minutes we should arrive at the parking area from which we begin our hike
to the Middleham Falls, located within the rainforest
of the Morne Trois Piton National Park.


It will take us approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to get to the waterfall.
The trail is fairly well defined but can be rugged incertain areas
as it undulates its way through the rainforest. The Middleham Falls is approximately 280 feet high
with its waters thundering down into the pool at its base.

Taking a refreshing dip is highly recommended Next we hike back to the vehicle
and head for the Ti Tou Gorge, a place you are not likely to forget.

To truly experience its grandeur you must swim.

Ti Tou Gorge, a volcanic crack in the mountain is fed by a lake
creating beautiful waterfalls and pools. The swim takes us to the first waterfall
where you will truly experience the wonders that I am too inept to describe for you.
We provide you with life belts which makes it so much easier
for you to relax and enjoy your exotic surroundings.


Only water proof cameras should be taken inside the gorge.
Next, back to the vehicle, we are now on our way to the spectacular twin Trafalgar Falls.
A fifteen minute walk from the parking area, takes us to where you can see the two waterfalls.

If your energy level is still high, we will climb over the boulders
which separate us from the shorter of the two falls, another gorgeous river pool awaits you,


Please cooperate with your tour guide if he decides against climbing over the boulders on a given day, his judgment call will be based on years of experience and his knowledge of the area’s weather conditions, his decisions are always in the best interest of your safety

Next back to the vehicle and head to base where Tri-Atha-Falls will now become a memory, we hope you will cherish for a long time.

Time 5 – 7 hours

Email us for details

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