Boiling Lake Hike



The Boiling Lake hike is one the most popular activities in Dominica.
It is a 7 – 8 hour arduous round-trip adventure, which begins in the village of Laudat,
passing through a wide range of vegetation and terrain, including the Valley of desolation..


with its many unique streams of gray, white and black.
This hike offers some of the most spectacular views into the heart of Dominica’s rugged interior.
The climb up Morne Nichols is the first real challenge, when this assent begins
you must without fail follow the instructions of your guide
The trail is sometimes very narrow with deep ravines on both sides.


On the crest of Morne Nichols you will be on the highest point of the trail, which
is approximately 3,006 feet. If it is a clear day one can see both sides of the island
The Caribbean coast to the west and the Atlantic coast to the east.
If you are facing east, the grandiose Morne Watt, the island’s third highest mountain, to the right
Like a giant green god, stands guard over the Valley of Desolation below.


From the highest point, steam can be seen rising from the Boiling Lake in a distance.
The dramatic descent into the Valley of Desolation now begins.
In the Valley caution must at all times be exercised
There are hot fumaroles, which can burn you severely.
There will also be some streams with water about 94 degrees F.
in these you can sit and enjoy the warmth.
The minerals which the water contains, are said to be good for your skin.


Leaving the Valley of Desolation, the trail will continuously rise and fall
As it snakes its way up and down dramatic ridges, crossing unusual streams then
finally cresting the last ridge, form which the final five minutes of the hike
To the Boiling Lake
Can in relative terms be described as easy!!

The Boiling Lake

be careful if you are standing close to the lake, a strong gust of wind, could just push you over.
The temperature in the lake is over 200 degrees F. need I say more!
This is usually where lunch is eaten so that you can be rejuvenated for the long trek back.
On the way back the greatest challenge is the climb out of the Valley of Desolation
The climb out of the valley up Morne Nicholls is called “the gut buster”.
One consolation you can use as motivation to help you endure, is the thought of
Bathing in the incredible and exotic Ti Tou Gorge at the end of the trail.
This bounty at the end of a tough hike makes the whole thing seem like a pleasant dream.

What to wear:
shorts, Tee Shirt, Hiking Boots or sturdy sneakers.

Boiling Lake Hike Video

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