The rugged and mountainous island of Dominica located in the Eastern Caribbean has defied the
ravages of commercial exploitation of its natural resources and today still retain about 70%
of its natural vegetation.

Water is one of Dominica’s most abundant natural resource and it has some of the finest Oceanic
Rainforest in the entire Caribbean.
This sounds great! and it is.
Unfortunately small islands with small economies and a population wanting to see improvement
in their standards of living and social services
sometimes put pressure on their governments to make decisions which are environmentally disastrous.
I believe that Dominica can be an example and model to the world, of what of what a truly eco
destination should be like.
Please visit this nature paradise and encourage your friends to do so.


At the rate of which Rainforests are disappearing to”Koyaanisqatsi”
we need the support of people who understand the dynamics
of a tropical rainforest
and its relevance to the quality of our future.
Many of our leaders are either not aware or choose to ignore how perilously close we are to a global environmental catastrophe.

Fortunately for Dominica, we get over 300 inches of rain annually
we can still drink the water from our rivers, our rainforests effectively protect us
from some of the hazards of Carbon Monoxide and create enough pure oxygen
for our nation to breathe freely.
All this could change if we start building Oil Refineries;
introduce copper mining and other environmentally unfriendly projects.
The Luminary Confucius said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.
Even though we are a little island in the Caribbean, we are part of the world community
and we need the support of the whole world to help us protect one of the most dynamic
of the world’s Oceanic Rainforest.
If we save Dominica’s Rainforest and its natural environment millions will have clean water to drink
and clean air to breathe when Koyaanisqatsi completes its destruction
of the world’s rainforests which produce 40% of the oxygen we need.

We know from experience that world leaders have an inveterate propensity to place the
development and growth of the economy above the protection and preservation of the natural
environment, but what good is a booming economy if the natural environment becomes hazardous
to the health of the world’s people

The world is but one country and mankind its citizens” said Baha ‘u’ llah
I believe that at this stage of our evolution and development
we should understand the significance of those words.
We do not live in isolation, we are intrinsically part of a world community and we all suffer the
consequences of environmental degradation anywhere it happens.
Let us be indefatigably vigilant, and proactive, let us try to stop it in Dominica before it happens.

Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi Indian word meaning “Life out of balance”

Tribute To The Rainforest

In the rainforest the power of nature waxes great
and creatures reign superior to man.
Resins ooze from the bark of trees, butterflies frolic with epiphytes
while crystal clear streams meander beneath the canopy.

The night devours the day; nocturnal creatures begin their symphony
accompanied by the howling of the wind.
The moon searching for a place to shed its light
emanates golden beams, which caress the leaves and the forest floor.

The flapping of wings, the hissing of things unseen
the chirping of insects, the murmur of streams
the patter of raindrops, the squeaking of branches
the singing of birds, the rustling of leaves all blend together in perfect harmony.

How great is the rainforest, the majestic rainforest,
with trees standing so tall like giant green gods in the plant kingdom.
Every plant, every leaf, every root, every moss, every meandering stream
tells a story of birth and death and what lies between them twain.

By Ken George Dill


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