Sari Sari Falls

Due to unsafe trail conditions, we are suspending this activity until further notice, please be guided accordingly.


Martin Lander 2 041

The Sari Sari Falls is one of Dominica’s most magnificent waterfalls.
Located near the south east village of Laplaine.

The drive takes you on a lush and windy country road
With picturesque vistas of mountains, rainforest, rivers and scenes from the Atlantic Coastlines.

The hike begins through a banana field
Descending steeply into the Sari Sari Rive Gorge
Adumbrated by the canopy of lush rain forest
The trail becomes a series of cris crossing the river.

You will be serenaded by the tranquil sound of the river as you trudge along.

Suddenly as if by enchantment, the Sari Sari Falls appear before you
But you are not done yet, before you can claim the rejuvenating reward
Of a swim in the gorgeous pool at the base of the fall
You need to scramble over a series of boulders.
When you get there you will be truly experiencing
One of the natural wonders of Dominica.

Time 4-5 hours

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