Waterfall Superfest

Dominica being the land of waterfalls, we have decided to treat you to a
waterfall fest of three of the most spectacular waterfalls on the island.

Yes off we go up the trans insular road winding our way to

start the hike to our first two waterfalls the “Spanny Falls”

We begin by hiking through a banana field then blending into the
rainforest and

descend into a river valley to behold our first fall.

Moving on, we begin to ascend a steep ridge, using the aid of large
roots to assist us,

we get to the top and descend into another valley to see our second fall

Back to the vehicle we go in search of our third fall the Sari Sari Falls.

This one is a real scramble down a steep ridge to the river valley where

we criss cross the river until we get to another of the island’s truly

magnificent waterfalls.

There is a fantastic pool at the base of this fall, swimming is highly


Martin Lander 2 044

Again we move on seeking our final waterfall, the amazing Victoria Falls,

we are on our way to the
village of Delice sin the South East.

Like the Sari Sari Falls we hike up the White River River Gorge

adumbrated by the canopy of the lush rainforest above us we trudge

Martin Lander 2 064

Victoria Falls at last, we maneuver our way to its base and plunge in for
a swim.

This completes our waterfall super fest, back to the vehicle again and

Time 5 – 6 hours

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