My Visit To Syndicate Rainforest

Many of my clients and friends have been asking me about the condition of the road to the Syndicate Rainforest and about the condition of the Rainforest.
I did not want to pass on the second hand information I received form persons who have been there after Hurricane Maria.

The Syndicate Rainforest is very close to my heart, it is a place I used to visit at nights to meditate and listen to the undisturbed sounds of nature reverberating through the forest.
My inspiration to write the poem “The Rainforest” came to me one night when I was visiting the forest.

I was very saddened by the things I heard and was reluctant to visit Syndicate because I was somewhat afraid to see the devastation I have been hearing about.

Syndicate Before Hurricane Maria

My motivation to visit the area came when two Polish clients asked me if I would take them for a rainforest walk at Syndicate.


Tropical Rainfiorests are probably the most advanced Eco systems on earth but like all living things they are at the mercy of the caprices of nature.

Comparing the forest now to what it was like before the hurricane, yes the damage is significant but it is not as bad as I expected based on information I received.

The trees have all lost many of their branches and much of their canopy, but less trees than I expected were blown down, most of the trees are standing very erect and are showing signs of rejuvenation.
The Rainforest recycles everything within its domain, the rains have been falling constantly, this will speed up the rate of decomposition of all the leaves, derbies and trees now on the forest floor, providing nutrients to aid the recovery process.

Their full recovery will take some years but even as they are now, the forest is still beautiful and anyone wishing to go there should do so, my clients really enjoyed their walk there.

Just as we left the Welcome Centre Area, two parrots flew across the road, pay close attention to the video and you will see them, you can also freeze it when you get to them.

    The road is safe, there are some rough areas but you do not really need to have a 4 wheel drive to go there.

    I hope you Enjoyed the videos of the road and the forest.


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