Favourite Waterfalls

Favourite Waterfalls

A treat to two of the most popular waterfalls on the
island, begins with a drive through the Botanical Gardens
and the Roseau Valley to the twin Trafalgar Falls .
A 15-minute walk under the canopy of lush vegetation
gets you to the viewing area of the two spectacular
The more adventurous, under the supervision of the guide
can climb over the boulders to the base of one of the
falls, for a swim in the gorgeous pool at its base.

From Trafalgar Falls , return to the vehicle drive through
the capital Roseau and along the west Caribbean coast.
Turning inland up the Imperial Road , through the Antrim
Valley to the Emerald Pool, another of the island’s
beautiful waterfalls within the rainforest Morne Trois
Piton National Park .

From where the vehicle stops it is about a 15-minute
leisurely walk through the rainforest to the Emerald Pool
which is so called because it reflects the greenery of the
surrounding vegetation.
The guides will explain about the rainforest and the
wildlife within.
Those who wish to will be able to swim in the pool at the
base of the fall.
After the Emerald Pool return to base.

Time 3-4 hours

Come and see some of the Caribbean’s finest and last surviving premier Oceanic Rainforest, so that you can tell the world, you have seen something in nature worth saving.
If you book a rainforest tour with us because you have read this appeal, we will give you a 15% discount.

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