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Due to the effect COVID 19 is having on the hospitality industry, the KHATTS team has been unemployed since March 2020. The resumption of business is taking a much longer time than we anticipated.
Times are very challenging for us, we are preparing some land to start an Organic Farm but we have serious financial issues.
Please contribute to our efforts. Call 561.372.1462 or 767.235.3517 Email
All financial contributions will be used for Land Clearing, the purchasing of equipment and agricultural products

Contribution UPDATE

On 19th August 2020, our project received its first contribution of 500.00 US dollars. Special thanks to Bill and Kathy Sympson, this money we have used to secure water for irrigation.

Sunday 06th September Planting what we call Plantain Suckers

Other Contributors
Ian and Rosabeth Breuser – Okra and Sorrell Seeds
Iva and Melinda Cuffy – Banana Suckers
Rosheni Techtandra – Acovado Seeds
Paul Elizee of the Kalinago Village – Plantain Suckers
Francis Phillip (KASKA) – Coconut plants and a digging shovel

Equipment Urgently Needed:

Chain Saws, Brush Cutters, Axes, Hoes, 200ft flexible water hose, 150 feet half inch galvanize pipes, fencing materials.

Irrigation made possible by contributions form Bill and Kathy Sympson

I am ever so grateful for the indefatigable support of Clement James, Lambert Charles, Martin Lander, Shane Reid, Melinda Cuffy and Royette Christopher who have been towers of strength supporting me in my quest to overcome these seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Please make a contribution to our initiative

Ken George-Dill 561.372.1462 or 1767.235.3517

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