The Kalinago Experience

The Kalinago Experience
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The Kalinago Experience

For some time I wanted to create an activity involving the native Kalinago People of Dominica.
The Kalinago people are more popularly known as The Caribs and are the people whose ancestors the
European Explorers met when they came to the eastern Caribbean.
Dominica is the only island in the Eastern Caribbean where they survived
and live in their own community which is referred to as
“The Carib Reserve, The Carib Village or the Carib Territory.
From here on I will refer to these legendary people by their ancestral name

This activity is an attempt to encapsulate the quintessence of the culture and historic
journey of the lives of the legendary and courageous Kalinago People.
It is about their social and cultural evolution from the time they arrived on what they called Waitukubuli

to the present time in what we now call Dominica.

From our base in Roseau, we begin the drive through the lush rugged and forested
Interior of the island to the east Atlantic Coast leading to the Kalinago Village.

We begin the tour with a demonstration of the art of craft making.
Handy Craft making is a tradition that the Kalinago People have maintained
and have kept very much alive in the village, in this photo a master craftsman
demonstrates his art to students of Arcadia University.

After the craft demonstration, we proceed on foot along what was once a trail Used by the Kalinagos to get to the ocean, your guide will be telling you about the area and the plants as you walk along, We later arrive at the home of a Kalinago farmer who will show and tell you about the things he grows both for food for his family and to sell to make a living. He will talk about some medicinal plants growing in his yard, he may even make you a cup of tea or offer you a jelly coconut

Farmer Jules and his wife explaining about a medicinal plant which he grows in his yard
Jules says that this plant is great source of reducing high blood pressure.

Tour participants drinking jelly coconuts provided by the Kalinago Farmer

Leaving Jules we proceed along the original Kalinago trail which descends into Salybia Bay
washed by the turbulent Atlantic Ocean.

A monument along the trail symbolic of the last Kalinago uprising in the 1930s.
your tour guide will elaborate on this.

The Kalinago People who once traversed the seas back and forth to the neighbouring
islands still go fishing from this bay.

Kalinago canoes used for fishing in the rough Atlantic Ocean, stored by the bay. The canoe features very prominently in Kalinago history, they came to the islands using canoes
The canoes were also used to travel between the island and they got most of their food from the sea using their canoes.

From the bay we will hike up to the Salybia Catholic Church where you will be given a lecture on Kalinago History and Culture
After the lecture we proceed to meet Daniel Frederick and learn how to make cassava bread from the manioc plant.
Daniel will give a full demonstration of this traditional way of life which has survived the centuries.

The operating of the wheel which grinds the manioc used to make cassava bread.

The Making of Cassava Bread

Daniel will also take you on tour of his cassava garden and tell you how he grows his crops. After Daniel's demonstration and tour we proceed to Kalinago Barana Aute for lunch. You may be wondering what is Kalinago Barana Aute?

The Kalinago Barana Autê offers a unique experience, sharing the history and traditions of the Kalinago people
from hundreds of years ago, It is a world of colour and pageantry, where the nation's first people's talent and pride are abundant.

Kalinago Barana Autê is located along the banks of the Crayfish-River near the Isukulati Falls.
Kalinago Barana Autê consists of an interpretation center, snack bar, and gift shop.
You may also see local women weaving handicraft pieces form reeds collected in the mountains.

After lunch we proceed to the Horseback Ridge a drive which reveals some of the most stunning and picturesque vistas on the island.
We say farewell to the Kalinago Village by taking a river bath in the Concord valley then return to base.

Time 6-7 hours.

Minimum 10 persons

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